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DECLUTTER YOUR CORDS – From iPhone chargers to HDMI cables and everything in between, Wire Organizer keeps even your most tangled cords in check.

STOP LOSING CABLES – These days, it’s easy to misplace cables, cords, and connectors. Wire Organizer helps you stay on top of your belongings!

SAVE SPACE – Cords can easily overrun your drawer, purse, backpack, and glove compartment. Get your space back with Wire Organizer.

AVOID WASTED TIME – Untangling cords can be time-consuming, especially when you’re in a rush. That’s why Wire Organizer puts time on your side!

PROTECT YOUR CORDS – When cords are exposed, they can quickly get frayed or damaged. Wire Organizer acts as a protective shell, keeping your cords intact for longer.


The perfect gift for the holidays
Everyone has a friend who can never stay organized or who always asks to use a charger. Just in time for the holidays, Wire Organizer is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

Store cords in seconds
Wire Organizer winds up cords with ease. With a single tug, you can curl up headphones, mouse cords, chargers, cables, and more.

Simple color coordination
With 4 different colors to choose from, you can assign different colors to each type of cord. It’s the easiest way to stay organized without endlessly searching.

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