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The first aid tourniquet can effectively occlude arterial blood in both upper and lower limbs to life-threatening bleeding. It supports rapid application so it is able to stop hemorrhaging and saves lives in the key moment before the professional first responders arrive.


Thanks to the one-handed operation design, this tourniquet is handy to apply on yourself. When you’re unexpectedly injured without nobody accompanied, you can also be treated on your own.
Essential Emergency Kit: This can be used s in a tactical or non-tactical emergent situation, add one or more to the home trauma kit, emergency medical bag, cars, motorcycles, outdoor hiking backpacks, range bag, construction belt or carried on person for immediate use.


TIME STAMP feature available to write down the time of usage to identify time limits and prevent potential blood bleeding.


Durable Windlass Bar that won’t bend or break under pressure. High-quality stitching and Velcro provide durability that protects the integrity and strength of the tourniquet during use. Cold Resistant Technology fit for various weather conditions, After countless tests, we’ve designed a composite buckle that resists breaking and cracking in extremely cold weather


The size can be adjusted to fit different users. The stretchable length can be up to about 96cm, which provides sufficient room to put it around a large arm or leg.


It is lightweight and compact, so it causes no trouble to your backpack, bags, or even pocket. Made of sturdy durable nylon and hard plastic material, it is ideal for outdoor various tough conditions.


Life-saving equipment not only for professionals but for the average individual. Essential first aid kit for Military /Camping/ Hunting/ Hiking/ Fishing. Easy to clean and can be reused

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